Massages By Mel
Free Your Mind, Relax Your Muscles, Soothe The Soul

Who is Mel ?


    Who is Mel? 

  Massages by Mel was started by me, Melissa Alexander.   It all started in the winter of 2006. I was trying to figure out what path I wanted to take my life on, so I decided to go to massage school. My training was at a school in Chicago called Hired Hands University where I spent a little more than a year soaking in as much information as I possibly could.

   I have immersed myself in the health and wellness industry for years, so this was a place where I felt very much at home.  I really feel good about my day when I go home from work knowing that I helped someone feel better. I always love seeing my clients' faces when they first open the door after the massage, sandy eyed and smiling. It's so wonderful knowing that I can make someone let the outside world go, for at least an hour.

  When I give a massage, I know that everyone's bodies are different. We all hold our stress in different areas, and we all have different aches and pains.  I always listen to my clients' needs and give them a massage that is personalized to them.  Massage, to me, is something that we all everyone needs.  It is a critical thing for our bodies. It is something that not only helps our body by loosening our muscles, but it also can free up our minds which go hand in hand.